A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Soar into the Heavens!

Sheep in a dream.

The only controls here are moving the mouse - the sheep moves depending on where you're looking horizontally.

Inspired by Winter Bells by Ferry Halim.

Programming:  https://twitter.com/_AlexBujold_ 
Programming: https://twitter.com/mustafayasor
Sound & UI:  https://Squeebo.itch.io/  https://twitter.com/CarstenBooth
Art & Models: https://twitter.com/boleroroe

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the Counting Sheep .exe file!


Counting Sheep v1.0 85 MB
Counting Sheep v1 Mac.zip 82 MB


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Control scheme please ;)

(1 edit)

Sorry about that - post jam all of us are losing our minds a bit. The game is barebones at the moment. Updated the description.